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Fast-track your whisky journey. Transform your knowledge across every aspect of production, barrel types and the impact on flavor. Pick the right bottles. Find those hidden notes. Take your passion to the next level and appreciate the craftmanship of whisky as never before. Earn a certificate in whisky. Do it all in 4 weeks, or at your own pace.

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Really enjoyed the Masterclass. Production of the video was excellent. Instruction is just the right amount of instruction on each subject. The classes are informative but not mind-numbing from too much detail.

Reed Simon

A+++ course, thanks George! Having heard you speak at several events, I was beyond excited when this was released and it did not disappoint. Whisky Masterclass is the best (and most fun) whisky course out there.

Joseph Watson

Start Your Whisky Adventure With George Koutsakis

The holiday season is starting to swing into full gear, a time to celebrate with family and friends, eat, string up the lights and, of course, drink some whisky!

This year we’re here to up your whisky game.

Join George Koutsakis in an entertaining course that takes you behind the scenes of the whisky industry as never before. George shares first hand experiences from his collaborations with leading brands including Dalmore, Suntory, Macallan, Highland Park and many more.

Whisky Masterclass offers the exclusive opportunity to learn from an industry veteran through a series of episodes and interactive sessions that will bring you closer to the whisky industry, without leaving your home.

By joining Whisky Masterclass you’ll be armed with the same knowledge as the “pros” so you can understand what sets each distillery apart, pick the perfect bottles, experience all those complex flavors and be able to talk the “language of whisky” with anyone.

Don’t just limit your whisky adventure to books and YouTube videos – go to the heart of the industry with education that comes directly from George’s work with leading distillers and experts.

Join Whisky Masterclass today and experience whisky in a whole new way. (And the homework is pretty fun, too)

Introducing: Whisky Masterclass

The #1 online course that breaks down the world of whisky as never before so you can pick the right bottles, learn to taste all the flavors and explore the “nectar of life” on a deeper level.

You do not learn to appreciate whisky by being fed endless amounts of information.

You grow your appreciation by learning the key concepts and then experiencing different expressions, over and over again.

Anyone can read a book about different whisky bottles and come away with more knowledge. But the enthusiasts who actually know what they’re talking about? They’ve honed their senses and developed a deep understanding by tasting the right drams in the right way. They’ve developed a deep passion that comes through in the way they talk about each bottle as if it were part of their family.

The best course of action for learning whisky should focus on exactly this: skill development, intuitive learning, tasting expressions, and having fun.

In other words, a course that you actually like.

That’s what Whisky Masterclass is.

It’s an in-depth, self-paced online course that teaches you the basics of everything you need to know about whisky.

You’ll start with the fundamentals and progressively learn more complex and advanced techniques and concepts as you progress through the course.

You won’t get overwhelmed, and you won’t get bored. We’ll walk you through everything.

Once you’ve gone through the course, you’ll have the knowledge to talk whisky with anybody…

The full package breakdown

(everything you get access to)

The Complete Whisky Masterclass Course

You get full, lifetime access to the course that has helped over 1,600 whisky lovers go behind the scenes and learn about whisky from one of the industry’s most prominent figures.

4 weeks of professionally filmed content that teaches you whisky techniques and concepts step-by-step, without the frustration. All recommendations & resources are included.

View full syllabus 👉

Live Q&A + Feedback Sessions

We’re not here to enroll you in the course and then forget about you. We’re committed to helping you on your whisky journey for years to come.

That’s why you get personalized feedback, mentorship and guidance directly from George during our live Q&A group calls every month.

You get lifetime access to these calls, along with all the recordings.

Certificate In Whisky Excellence

After completing a grueling curriculum of “liquid homework”, attendees will earn a Certificate In Whisky Excellence. Students who complete the course can take pride in joining an exclusive community of whisky scholars who have earned this esteemed accreditation.

Interactive Whisky Community

Join an energetic community of whisky enthusiasts on the same wavelength as you. Whisky is lonely when you’re surrounded by “normal people” who just don’t get it. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, recommend bottles, make friends and have fun!

Build connections, get inspired, ask questions, share your wins, get feedback, and have fun!

You also get access to the following holiday bonuses to take your whisky game to the next level

Bottle Investment Mini-Course

Want to learn how to start investing in whisky bottles? In this mini-course you’ll discover how to start building your savings by purchasing bottles that are positioned for significant rises in value.

Whisky Cask Investment Bootcamp

Most people don’t know anything about investing in whisky casks, but we’re set to change that. In this powerful bootcamp we explain the benefits to investing in casks, risks and how to get started.

Fundamentals To Building A Whisky Brand

As a brand ambassador one of the key roles is to help distilleries build their international profile. In this mini-course you’ll learn the key strategies that brands employ to put themselves on the map.

Whisky Investing Live 2020 – Full Access

What if you could make money with whisky?Join George Koutsakis for a week long online seminar that will teach you how to make money by investing and/or reselling whisky bottles and casks.

When you enroll in Whisky Masterclass now you’ll get full access to all the recordings from Whisky Investing Live, hosted earlier this year. (A $199 value)

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Here’s How It Works

Whisky Masterclass is a practical course. In addition to video content, you’ll spend a portion of your time getting hands on with different types of expressions by following along with weekly recommendations… Or, “liquid homework.”

By the end of the course, you’ll have developed four core whisky skills:

1. Background Knowledge

You’ll understand the basics of whisky production and what sets different distilleries apart from one another.

2. Proper Tasting Technique

You’ll understand how to taste a dram in a way that allows you to experience the same flavors as the “pros”.

3. Bottle Selection

You’ll understand your own preferences in order to purchase bottles that will delight your senses without breaking your wallet.

4. Terminology

You’ll know how to communicate with other whisky enthusiasts and use common terminology in the right way.

You’ll develop these skills through listening to video content and getting hands on with specific recommendations.

Here’s how: at the completion of each week of content we’ll give you “liquid homework” which will help you grasp the concepts discussed.

You can complete one module each week or you’re free to go at whatever pace you’d like, whether that’s more quickly or slowly. After completing the course, we’ll issue your Certificate In Whisky Excellence.

What do I need?

All you need is an internet connected computer or mobile phone. Access to a selection of whisky, or a small budget to purchase bottles is recommended.

  • There are recommendations each week that are suited to every budget
  • You can start by experimenting with whisky you already have access to
  • Some higher end expressions are mentioned, but you are not required to try these

The Full Course Syllabus

We’ll help you master the fundamentals of whisky appreciation and take your passion to the next level. Here’s how…

00:54Episode 1: How This Course Works

In this video we’ll give you an overview of the flow of the course and what we’ll be covering in the weeks ahead. You’ll learn what you need to do to ensure you achieve your own personal goals for the course.

11:45Episode 2: American Whiskey

Take a stroll through the history of whiskey in the United States that has gotten us to where we are today. Explore the different styles, production methods and rules that define this growing category.

20:44Episode 3: Scotch Whisky

Dig into the unique characteristics that distinguish Scottish Whisky from every other expression on earth. Learn about the roots of the industry, regions of Scotland, distinctive flavors and what’s ahead in the future.

13:59Episode 4: Japanese Whisky

There are a myriad of styles that you could choose from.In this course we’ll focus on the proven, timeless style that we’ve developed over the past 30 years.You’ll see examples of the style of home you can expect to build by following our process.

04:28Episode 5: World Whisky

Get a run down of the other major countries producing whisky around the world and how distilleries in these areas are setting themselves apart to position against rising global competition.

01:04Episode 6: Week 1 Recap

Review all of the key talking points from the first week with a brief overview focused on the information most important in helping you explore the depths of the whisky world.

00:02:18Episode 7: Week 1 Liquid Homework

Familiarize yourself with the weeks content by getting hands on with specific bottle recommendations that will help you venture out and experience a range of exceptional expressions.

01:06Episode 8: Week 2 Intro

Kickoff week two with a brief overview highlighting the content and topics that will be covered as we take a deeper dig into the key aspects of whisky production.

08:04Episode 9: How Whisky Is Made

Go behind the scenes with a detailed look at how whisky is made. Learn about production methods, types of stills, ingredients used and how top distillers create unique spirits to differentiate their brand.

10:49Episode 10: Styles Of Whisky

Compare and contrast the various styles of whisky that are produced by distillers today. Discover how each is produced and the flavor notes that result.

09:41Episode 11: Wood

Unlock the mystique of casks and explore how different types of wood interact with the distilled spirit to produce the flavor combinations you love.

07:15Episode 12: Marketing

Leading brands know that an iconic whisky deserves to be presented right. In this episode we explore the outward appearance of bottles and how this can be instrumental in establishing a fervent fanbase.

01:15Episode 13: Week 2 Outro

Review all of the key talking points from the second week with a brief overview focused on the information most important in helping you continue to grow your understanding of whisky.

05:40Episode 14: Week 2 Liquid Homework

Familiarize yourself with the weeks content by getting hands on with specific bottle recommendations that will help you venture out and experience a variety of different flavor notes.

00:51 Episode 15: Week 3 Intro

Kickoff week three with a brief overview highlighting the content and topics that will be covered as we show you how to experience whisky to the fullest.

10:18Episode 16: Taste

In this episode we tear down longstanding misconceptions to help you take in the flavors of each dram. You will learn how you can describe the nose, palate and finish of a whisky in the same way as the experts.

07:09Episode 17: Cocktails

Long thought to be a blasphemous attack on whisky, cocktails are now welcomed with open arms by leading connoisseurs.In this episode we discuss the most popular cocktails and how you can incorporate some unique twists.

07:17Episode 18: Venues

Whisky is best enjoyed by welcoming the opinions and company of others.In this episode we talk about how to find the best bars and stores that will ensure you keep drinking whisky you love.

06:49Episode 19: Food Pairings

Whisky can complement your dining experience in ways that elicit bold and exciting new flavors. In this episode we talk about how to choose the right whisky to pair with the right dish.

01:12Episode 20: Week 3 Outro

Review all of the key talking points from the third week with a brief overview focused on the information most important in helping you experience whisky the right way.

04:14Episode 21: Week 3 Liquid Homework

Familiarize yourself with the weeks content by getting hands on with specific cocktail recommendations that will help you learn to appreciate the ways in which the flavors of whisky interact when paired with other ingredients.

00:53Episode 22: Week 4 Intro

Kickoff week four with a brief overview highlighting the content and topics that will be covered as we journey into the complex world of whisky collecting.

03:10Episode 23: Market Overview

Get an inside perspective on the state of the whisky market today and what’s ahead over the upcoming years. This episode will help you understand which distilleries and brands are set to make waves.

05:21Episode 24: Collecting Whisky

Whether it’s for passion, profit or both; in this episode we’ll show you the best practices for building a whisky collection that will be the envy of any enthusiast.

04:45Episode 25: Storage

Learn how to store your whisky to ensure it stays in mint condition for years to come. By properly maintaining your collection you can retain the full flavor of the whisky and each bottle in tip top shape.

03:10Episode 26: Cask Investment

Explore how you can buy an entire cask of whisky, one of the little known secrets of the whisky world. In this episode you will learn how the process works, the benefits to investors and how you can get started.

01:28Episode 27: Week 4 Outro

Review all of the key talking points from the fourth week with a brief overview focused on the information most important in helping you start a showcase whisky collection.

05:01Episode 28: Week 4 Liquid Homework

Familiarize yourself with the weeks content by getting hands on with collectible bottle recommendations that will help you learn to look for the right types of bottles.

00:54Episode 29: Thank You

While this might be the last episode in the course, your Whisky Masterclass adventure doesn’t end here. Learn about our online community, weekly Q&A sessions and regular updates that are included as added perks for our valued Whisky Masterclass members.

Over 1,600 whisky lovers…

…from complete beginners, to intermediate enthusiasts wanting to learn more and take things to the next level

“Whisky Masterclass is like having a whisky expert sitting beside you at the bar, not as a teacher but as a friend.It offers extensive insights in a really warm and friendly way.I absolutely loved the approach and learned more in these episodes than I have in a lifetime of drinking whisky..”

Monika Zacholska

“Cheers George! You’ve nailed it with Whisky Masterclass, this is what the whisky community has needed for years.For the first time you’re helping people learn about whisky in a way that anyone can understand and enjoy.The “liquid homework” was also a nice touch and I liked how it allows everyone to get hands on with some of your own recommendations.”

Ross Lamb

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Whisky Masterclass teaches you EXACTLY what you need to select the right bottles & appreciate them more fully

Here’s how…

  • It teaches you the fundamentals of whisky production so you understand the different characteristics of countries, regions, distillation methods and what sets different distilleries apart
  • You learn by doing. The course walks you through experiencing a curated selection of whisky and cocktails in order to develop your palate.
  • It teaches you what you need to know in order to communicate with other enthusiasts online or in-person. And, we do it in a gradual way rather than throwing everything at you straight away and leaving it up to you to figure out.
  • It helps you understand the traits of whisky that you like and why, so that you can purchse bottles you love rather than wasting money blindly trying whatever the “experts” are recommending this week.

Here’s a taste of what you’re getting inside the course:

  • Understanding regions and styles. Compare and contrast the different whisky producing regions around the globe to discover your favorite. Explore each of the different styles of whisky and what determines how they are defined.
  • How Whisky Is Made & Types Of Wood. Learn the steps required to produce whisky and the various methods employed by master distillers.Unravel the unique flavor characteristics imparted by different types of whisky casks.
  • The best crash course for learning whisky terminology so you know how to talk whisky with other enthusiasts online or in person (in a fun way that isn’t boring)
  • Fostering proper tasting habits so you can detect all the flavor notes in a whisky during the course and afterwards.
  • A proven framework for building a world-class whisky collection even if you don’t have a world-class budget.
  • Recommendations, resources, and downloads so you can follow along with exactly what we’re doing, step-by-step, without missing ANYTHING.
  • Ask questions in monthly Q&A session, so if there is something you’d like to know we’re here to help

Meet your instructor

George Koutsakis

Journalist & Global Brand Ambassador

Whisky Masterclass is hosted by George Koutsakis, one of the most renowned whisky personalities on the planet. Through his writing, courses and live events he has helped millions of enthusiasts around the globe experience whisky on a deeper level.

Got Questions?

Most frequent questions and answers


Yes, all videos from the Whisky Masterclass course have accurate English captions. The bonus courses do not have captions. All videos and courses are presented in the English language.


Yes! It’s precisely the program for you. It’s designed in a way to help complete beginners master the fundamentals and get going quickly. If you’re brand new, you’ll get value out of this.


It depends.

Are you still wanting to learn more about whisky? Do you feel like you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals?

If so, then it’s probably not for you. But if you’ve been enjoying whisky for a while but feel like you still could learn more, or would like a refresher—I recommend it.

Here’s what our students are saying

We’re not just interested in teaching you the basics. We want to help you take things to the next level.

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“5 stars for Whisky Masterclass, this was just right for me.Simple to understand, easy to watch and…. FUN!Just the way whisky is supposed to be.Thanks for the course and for sending over the personal recommendations.”

Bobby Whitworth

“Whisky Masterclass was excellent, the first way to learn more about whisky without getting super scientific.You’ve made the class feel like an evening out with a good friend, not like sitting in class with a stodgy professor!I’m having so much fun exploring whisky now that I get the basics.”

Bryan Long